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    Pearl believes that men and women are more alike than society would have us believe. By creating an open and honest discussion platform, she hopes to contribute to the sex-positive movement and allow both men and women to become comfortable expressing their desires.

    Blake's purpose is to help others transform their lives in a positive and unmistakable way by harnessing their sexuality. Rather than being ashamed, or repressing sexual desires, he thinks that men and women should embrace them, cultivate them and use them to do great things.

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Erotic Film Festivals You Should Follow on Twitter

Thanks to @PinkLabelTV for putting this list together. Making a list of erotic film fests! @CineKink @PFFBerlin @PornotopiaFest @pornydays @PervFilmFest @humpfilmfest @LaFeteduSlip @ebxmarketing — PinkLabel.TV (@PinkLabelTV) March 22, 2016

What is Virtual Sex?

Sex tech consultant Lux Alptraum on her early experiences doing a cam show in the 90s, the term “cyber sex,” the virtual sex toy market, and whether sex robots are in our future.