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Squirting Chronicles: The Lioness, the Kitty, and the Exotic Bird

This week, we bring you an erotic tale of two kitties (forgive our pun), as told by our good friend, the Lioness. Next week, we’ll share with you a special Q&A which probes a bit deeper into the “how-to” of female ejaculation, from the lioness’ unique perspective.

Lioness: A little bedtime story, starring Lioness and her pet who she loves and adores. He’s not gay and he’s not straight. He’s a little bit crooked, so we call him “Bent.”

My pet and I meet to park the van for Folsom and he says, “Lioness, we’re going to a party.”

I said, “Oh, I want to go to bed.”

He said, “No. Come to the party.”

So I go to the party and I realize although I look pretty cute, I’m wearing the wrong thing. However, I have a latex dress in the back of my car because I went to Divine Bitches the night before. So I put on my latex dress and we go in. Like a good little kitty, we’re at the party and he brings me a treasure. You know how kitties like to bring a mouse to you?

Real Sexy Talk: As long as it’s not a dead bird.

Our Heroine: The Exotic, Erotic Bird Perches on a Tree BranchLioness: It’s not a dead bird. It’s a live, exotic bird. And the live, exotic bird she’s so pretty. She’s so pretty she’s like a little chocolate bon-bon. In fact, she’s Mon Chéri. So little Chéri, this pretty little exotic bird that my pet brought to me in his mouth, he whispers into my ear…

Bent [the Kitty]: I want to fuck this little birdie.

Lioness: And I say, “Well, I think before we tear this bird apart and eat her, we should toss her around and have fun with her like she’s a little ball of yarn because I’m a lioness and I have a kitty, and cats will play.”

Bent [the Kitty]: Meow.

Lioness:  We’re both cats. I’m a big cat and he’s a little cat. The little bird, we grab her and we’re like, “Oh little bird, we could so easily destroy you with our fierce feline-ness, but we want to play with you.”

And she goes, “Oh, oh! I’m supposed to leave but I don’t want to leave.” So she sends her friends off in a cab and she says, “I’m going to stay. I’m okay. I’m just a little bird.”

Real Sexy Talk: [Laughter]

Lioness:  So we take the little bird in our big paws where we could so easily crush and destroy her, but we just bat her around and we take her upstairs in this beautiful Noe Valley home. We take her up to the master bedroom, because you know, a lioness just walks into a place like she owns it, of course. We go to the master bed and we start the most amazing little – I don’t know how you would say it – is it a scene? Is it an incident? It’s an encounter, yes.

And she looks gorgeous. She’s got a pretty little face and these gorgeous wings that are black and lacy. I think to myself as a lioness, “God, I want to rip those wings off.”

But, let me send in a gentler kitty.

So I say, “My pet, I want you to take off your little dress.”

She was, “Oh, oh…um, um…I’m nervous. But I must be very titillated, because I’m just a little bird. ”

Real Sexy Talk: [Chirp, chirp, chirp]

Lioness: We take off her dress and she’s got beautiful breasts and this smoking little body and these tiny, tiny little underwear that actually don’t have any crotch to speak of.

In order to keep this brief, we’ll cut to the most pertinent points.

Bent – my little pet – I have him stroke her up and down with his big Danish cock… It’s Danish because it’s sweet, but it’s not a doughnut.

He strokes her up and down and she sucks on his big cock. She strokes it and I tell her exactly what to do to make him hot. I ask her to show us how she stokes herself when she’s alone and… where are her hands and where are her legs and what if she’s showing off for her lioness, what would she do?

She gets herself all ready and then I take his cock and put in a condom, because I’m a smart lion. I say, “I’m going to stroke his cock up and down your slit and I’m going to count to seven. On the seventh time, I want you to hop on it, little bird.”

And so one, two, three, four, five, six…and the last stroke — ohh — she hops on it and she’s so excited. She can’t wait. She couldn’t believe that I said seven and not three.

She hops on it and they start grinding and fucking. I’m holding him by his little leash and I say, “You may kiss her neck, you may bite her nipples, you may kiss her on the lips, you may look her in the eyes and fuck this shit out of her, kitty.” So he fucks, fucks, fucks and I stand back, holding his leash and stroking my pussy. I’m getting so aroused I can feel it inside me just building up, building up.

He bends her over the bed.

He fucks her so hard.

He flips her over and he fucks her again.

She starts squirting all over the bed and she squirts so much that she makes the whole sheets wet. I think, “Oh well, this is not my home and I’m a kind lioness, so let me grab a towel.” Before I can even grab a towel she squirts again all over the bed!

And now it’s on the pillows, it’s on the comforter, it’s on the carpet and I think, “Well, now I want to make it nice because other people have been attracted by the sound of an exotic bird betting fucked by a kitty.”

The Lioness DrinksSo I grab a towel and I lay it down. As I’m kneeling on the bed laying this giant towel down – I’m kneeling on the bed and my kitty looks at me and says, “My lioness, oh my lioness, may I touch your pretty little pussy?”

I said, “Oh, yes. Yes, you may.”

He puts his finger inside me, and in less than 30 seconds – and I am not exaggerating this part of the story at all – in 30 seconds he sticks his finger inside me and I didn’t even know that this was there: he pushes his finger inside me and it’s like he turned on a faucet! I squirt all over the fresh towel and I think, “My goodness! That feels good. What a gorgeous release.” Before he takes his finger out, I squirt again.

Real Sexy Talk:  A gorgeous release.

Lioness:  I think, “Oh, what a beautiful feeling.” I feel like I am just flooding with pleasure and I’m surprised. Then I gush again. So that’s three times that I’ve gushed and he was, “Oh, oh!” He’s fingering and fingering and fingering me and then “Oh!” For the fourth time I have the biggest gush of cum, and pleasure, and release and – ocean! – just pouring out of me than I’ve ever had in my entire life.

I reached down and he’s got his hand cupped under my pussy and I feel a puddle in his hand. I feel that my thighs are wet, the towel is wet, and the bed is wet, again.

I grab the little bird and I take her hand and I say, “Feel this, little bird. Do you want to drink from the puddle?” I grab her by her necklace and I pulled her in. I take her hand and I put it there and she was, “Oh, oh, I’m so excited. Um, um…” and she just comes in and pecks at my pussy and drinks up my juice.

That is the story of the lioness, the kitty, and the exotic bird.

Four times that I gushed. Four times!

Stay tuned for next week’s post in which the lioness tells us how and why she was able to ejaculate. Do you have your own squirting story to share? E-mail Pearl at pearl at realsexytalk dot com and your story could be featured next!

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