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Squirting Chronicles: Q&A with the Lioness

This week, we follow up on the erotic tale of two kitties (forgive our pun) with a special Q&A that probes a bit deeper into the “how-to” of female ejaculation, from the lioness’ perspective.

Real Sexy Talk:  The question is, how did it feel?

Lioness:  Well, at first I felt surprised because I knew that I’d been aroused. I had been watching [my pet Kitty and the bird] fuck and telling them how to fuck. I’d been putting them in positions, I’d been making her suck his cock, and I’d been not letting him get next to her pussy… “but you can kiss her knees now. You can kiss her thighs. Now you can just breathe your breath on her pussy.” And the whole time I can feel it. It’s like this arousal building up inside me. It’s like this anticipation. My pussy is so tight like I feel like if you try to stick your finger inside me, it would be clenched on you and you’d feel like, is this a lioness?

Wow! It’s like a faucet and I know exactly how to turn it.

Then he did finally stick his finger in me. It was like…

Here’s what he said, “Wow! It’s like a faucet and I know exactly how to turn it.”

And it just started gushing and gushing and I said, “Be careful. If you leave on vacation, you better turn if off, because if you come back your house will be flooded.”

To answer your question in very verbose terms, it felt like I was having the most amazing wave of pleasure go over me, but it also felt surprising because I didn’t expect it. I was so in awe of her gushing so amazingly.

Last weekend, we made another girl friend of ours gush. It’s like it’s in the air.

So I was surprised when I did it, but I was also so pleasured. It was like this release, and then I was giggly. I was giddy like a little girl because when the fourth one came and the fourth one was so massive I was like, “Somebody, get me a drink of water so that I don’t die of dehydration.”

And because I’m a nerdy little lion, my mind wandered quickly to the physiology of it and how there’s a gland there, and the gland the whole time that I was orchestrating this scene was just filling up with all this jizz and it wasn’t – it was viscous – it wasn’t like liquid; it wasn’t like water. It was like lube, really, and it was so sweet smelling. I could smell it, I could feel it, and I could feel it on my thighs. I was wearing these fishnets and this little latex dress – and it was everywhere. I was so happy about the situation and just feeling like, “Oh!”

It’s not like an orgasm that you have from your clit. It’s a different kind of orgasm. It’s milder. If a clitoral orgasm is like getting on top of the roller coaster and you’re just climbing, climbing, climbing and then all of a sudden it’s like, “whoa!” then, ejaculating is more like being in nature. Feeling peaceful, and feeling so happy to be a woman and know what it’s like to have a part of your pussy that works this way.

It’s so sweet and warm.  It feels like I’m relaxing into a new kind of sexual expression.

Real Sexy Talk:  Does make you feel more dominant, more in control when you’re having an ejaculation? Especially since its something that only a man had until now?

Lioness:  It does. I would say yes, that it makes me aware of that part of me, like I am actually having an ejaculate come out of me. But it feels so divinely feminine. And because when I’ve masturbated, I’ve never made myself squirt. It’s only happened with men, and it’s only happened with men that I really love… and who love my little pet in such a special way. It’s happened with my ex-husband, and it’s happened with the other men that I’ve been completely in love with. They all know exactly how to stroke me in a way that… I feel like my fingers are not long enough to do on my own.

If a clitoral orgasm is like getting on top of the roller coaster and you’re just climbing, climbing, climbing and then all of a sudden it’s like, “whoa!” then, ejaculating is more like being in nature.

So it feels very much like it’s a collaboration. It might be possible for me to figure out how to do it myself, but I feel like I have the rest of my life to do that. Right now I enjoy that it’s a collaborative effort.

Real Sexy Talk (to Bent):  How do you feel when a woman squirts? How do you make them squirt, first of all? Did you do it on purpose?

Bent [the Kitty]: I think my fingers just slid into her, by accident.

[Everyone laughs]

Bent [the Kitty]: I just stick it inside. Then it just opened. Then I went again. I rub it even more.

Lioness:  But it seems like he knows exactly how to rub, and where.

Real Sexy Talk:  Do you practice this a lot?

Lioness (urging her pet):  Tell me more, please.

Bent [the Kitty]: Well, I touched your G-spot a little bit. It was so excited, so I didn’t even have to rub much.

Real Sexy Talk:  Not that much effort…

Bent [the Kitty]: I pulled my hand, my fingers up against your G-spot real hard, stroking your cervix. Oh, yeah.

Lioness:  And we have been fucking like we invented sex.

Real Sexy Talk:  That’s fucking crazy.

Lioness:  He’s been fucking my G-spot so he knows exactly where it is, because he’s felt it with his cock every morning, and most evenings.

Real Sexy Talk:  What does it feel like? What does the G-spot feel like?

Bent [the Kitty]: It feels good.

Real Sexy Talk: How do you find it? How do you know you’re on it?

Bent [the Kitty]: It’s the texture I guess.

Lioness:  What’s the texture like?

Real Sexy Talk:  Yeah, what is it like?

Bent [the Kitty]:  Little thing coming out – put! Coming up – put, put, put! It just wants to erupt.

Real Sexy Talk:  Like a button?

Lioness:  When I feel it with my finger, it feels like it’s ribbed.

Bent [the Kitty]: Exactly. For pleasure.


Bent [the Kitty]: It’s rough. She says, “Rub me more. Oh yeah, that’s good. Keep rubbing. Oh yeah!”

Real Sexy Talk: Really, like that?

Bent [the Kitty]: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Real Sexy Talk:  If the G-spot could talk, this is what the G-spot would say.

Bent [the Kitty]: You just have to listen. That’s what it says.

Lioness:  When he’ll fuck me in the morning, he’ll get on top and I’ll start with my legs down because with my legs down, that’s how I come the fastest, because I can squeeze my thighs. Then as soon as I come, he pushes my legs up over to my ears and then he gets right to my G-spot. Then it’s so sensitive it’s like, engorged at that point. Then he just fucking thrills me.


Lioness:  Yes, it’s super fun.

Real Sexy Talk:  Well, you two certainly have a strong connection and a great time together.

Lioness:  One last little note, is that this story happened last night. I know you’ve been trying to get a hold of me forever, Blake and Pearl. But if we had gotten together last week, I couldn’t have told you this story. I would have told you a story about a Canadian girl that we made squirt. But this story, I got to tell you about myself – so the timing could not be better!

Real Sexy Talk:  I’m so glad you finally got to experience ejaculating for yourself, Lioness. Thanks to you and Bent for sharing your exotic, erotic adventure with us. We look forward to hearing more in the future!

Women, have you ever felt as turned on as our lioness did in this encounter? What would make you even more turned on?

Men, have you tried to find your partner’s G-spot (male or female)? What did you find? Is your description of the G-spot similar to Bent’s, or different?

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