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About Us

What’s the purpose of this site?

Real Sexy Talk is an online portal for adult sex education and erotica. We’re here to help you – a fellow sex enthusiast – find relevant and exciting information on human sexuality, in order to improve your relationships with others and increase your own sexual pleasure. Blake & Pearl will be your guides as you explore your sexuality in a lighthearted, sex-positive environment.

What do we do to help you?

  1. Plenty of research: We spend countless hours combing the internet, attending conferences, and pouring through books to find the most relevant and insightful sex education materials, including, books, DVDs, films, websites and podcasts. On select material, we’ll provide our opinion on what you can gain from it.
  2. Interview the experts: We’ve interviewed sex educators, doctors, sexologists and other sex enthusiasts and share their knowledge with you.
  3. Share from our own experience: We write honest accounts of what has worked for us, our friends and clients.

What’s our mission?

To bring quality sex education and erotica to the masses. You’re interested in learning about sex to live a better life – we just want to make it easier for you.

About the Creators

The founders met in 2004 and have been dating since 2010. Their favorite things to do are: cuddling, meeting interesting and hot people, taking long road trips (they have driven across the United States three times!), Bikram yoga, and cooking healthy food together. They enjoy being active and are always up for an adventure – like the time they went skiing on the Italian Alps, or when they took an impromptu trip to Montreal, Canada. Most importantly, they love loving each other and hope to help you bring equal amounts of passion and excitement into your relationships!

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