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Interview with Dr. Charlie Glickman

We had the pleasure of interviewing well-known sex educator Dr. Charlie Glickman for our Real Sexy “Ask the Expert” series. Charlie currently runs Good Vibes’ sex education program in San Francisco, CA and conducts his own workshops on topics ranging from prostate play to getting over shame and sex. It was a true joy listening… Continue Reading »

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Improve Your Relationship Overnight: Remove Alcohol

I wrote this post to give you one simple way to improve your relationship. If you’re a non-drinker or if you genuinely do not have a problem with alcohol, then read this post and consider another destructive habit that you want to banish in order to improve your relationship. I’ve stopped drinking 3 months ago,… Continue Reading »

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3 Minutes to Orgasm (A Girl’s Guide to Self-Pleasure)

Vintage photo of three beautiful women taking off in a rocketship.

Last week I was having brunch with one of my childhood girl friends who I hadn’t seen in years. It was a sunny afternoon and we were drinking bottomless mimosas, so the conversation was flowing just like old times and turned kinky pretty quickly. She described some of her recent sexual encounters. I of course… Continue Reading »

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Why Fem Porn Is Also Great for Men

While working late one night with Pearl, she looked up form her desk, and made a comment that caught my attention. “Babe, I found something you might like.” “What is it?” “Porn,” she said. Now how was I supposed to concentrate after hearing something like that, right? So I got up, walked over, and had… Continue Reading »

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The G Spot and other Discoveries about Human Sexuality

Want to know more about the mysterious Gräfenberg a.k.a. “G” spot? This book provides plenty of scientific information about this often-misunderstood area of a woman’s body. The three authors come from various disciplines – psychology, sexology, and sex education. I think you’ll enjoy this preview from Google books, which allows you to view about 50… Continue Reading »

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