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Don’t Cook Bacon Naked

Pearl Undresses in front of a Mirror

When you begin to take off all of your clothes, do you feel free and empowered? Or vulnerable and exposed? Being vulnerable can be a great thing, leading to greater intimacy in your romantic relationships, for example. Just be forewarned that while naked, it’s not a good idea to fry bacon, or anything for that… Continue Reading »

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Improve Your Relationship Overnight: Remove Alcohol

I wrote this post to give you one simple way to improve your relationship. If you’re a non-drinker or if you genuinely do not have a problem with alcohol, then read this post and consider another destructive habit that you want to banish in order to improve your relationship. I’ve stopped drinking 3 months ago,… Continue Reading »

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3 Minutes to Orgasm (A Girl’s Guide to Self-Pleasure)

Vintage photo of three beautiful women taking off in a rocketship.

Last week I was having brunch with one of my childhood girl friends who I hadn’t seen in years. It was a sunny afternoon and we were drinking bottomless mimosas, so the conversation was flowing just like old times and turned kinky pretty quickly. She described some of her recent sexual encounters. I of course… Continue Reading »

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