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Most Women Do Not Orgasm from Penetration Alone

That’s right, folks. We women are complex creatures.  It takes us longer to get aroused than our male counterparts, and it usually takes a combination of things to put us over the edge (clitoral stimulation being the first thing that comes to mind, but I’ve also known women who can climax just from their nipples… Continue Reading »

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What Could 365 Straight Days of Sex do for You and Your Partner?

A mother of 3 and her husband decide to have sex every day for a year. Watch this short interview from HLN, a CNN television network, then leave your thoughts in the comments below. Could consistent sex help you and your partner move past emotional barriers?

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Becoming a Better Man by Practicing Vulnerability

After Oct. 17, my relationship shifted from a spell of ho-hum, back to the same level of love and passion we’d had in the beginning. The shift began at TurnON SF: OneTaste’s weekly meet-up, which features saucy group exercises that allow you to divulge your innermost desires. TurnON’s conclude with “intimacies,” where everyone shares one… Continue Reading »

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Improve Your Relationship Overnight: Remove Alcohol

I wrote this post to give you one simple way to improve your relationship. If you’re a non-drinker or if you genuinely do not have a problem with alcohol, then read this post and consider another destructive habit that you want to banish in order to improve your relationship. I’ve stopped drinking 3 months ago,… Continue Reading »

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