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Real Sexy Squirting: The Beginner’s Guide to Female Ejaculation

The Beginner’s Guide to Female Ejaculation

Learn About The Squirting Orgasm

Our popular video series on female ejaculation is now available for instant streaming on your Mac or PC! This video workshop “Real Sexy Squirting: The Beginner’s Guide to Female Ejaculation” covers the topic in detail and offers easy-to-follow techniques to help you and your partner experience this blissful orgasm together. As a free preview, you can check out our two simple tips below:

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4 Simple Tips for Female Ejaculation:

We’re from Real Sexy Talk: an Adult sex-positive, sex education community. We’re here to talk to you about one of our favorite topics…

Female Ejaculation: one of the most powerful sexual experiences a woman can have, and an intimate experience that she can share with her partner.

Well, how do you do it?

Our workshop “Real Sexy Squirting: The Beginner’s Guide to Female Ejaculation,” covers the topic in detail and offers easy to follow techniques to help you and your partner experience this pleasure. But for now, we’ll teach you two simple tips – one for men, and one for women – that you can try tonight.

Men: How to Lead Your Woman through a Squirting Orgasm

It takes a certain level of comfort for women to even attempt this different – but exciting – orgasmic experience. Here’s a few things you can do to make her feel more comfortable, and therefore more likely to squirt.

Step 1: Ask if she wants to squirt

Prepare her by asking if she has ever squirted before, and if she’d like to try it with you. A common mistake men make is not asking if she wants to squirt. Not all women are interested, but most are.

Step 2: Focus on her pleasure

If she says yes, remember that you’re not trying to conquer her pussy, but you’re allowing her to experience something different, yet exciting. Let go of your needs and focus your attention on her for at least 30 minutes.

Step 3: Set the stage

Lay down a towel in case anything does “come” out as you stroke her G-spot with middle and ring finger. Squirting is mostly mental; making her feel comfortable and cared for will allow her to let go, become more turned on, and be more likely to squirt

Step 4: Stay calm – Don’t get attached to the outcome

If she doesn’t squirt, don’t beat yourself up over it. We’ll tell you exactly what to do in this situation in our full workshop.

With the stroking techniques and tips we describe in our workshop, you’ll learn more about how to help your partner have a natural, squirting orgasm.

Women: Learn the Art of Self-Squirting

Squirting comes naturally to some women, unexpectedly to many, and only with much effort to others. I’m going to help you get comfortable with your beautiful, feminine self, and learn how to maximize your orgasmic potential.

Step 1:Get a small mirror and a towel

You’ll be looking closely at your vagina to try to find your G-spot. The towel is for your comfort and – of course – in case you feel the urge to squirt! This will make it easier for you to release your ejaculate without worry.

Step 2: Get to know your body

In a warm, well-lit corner of your bedroom, disrobe and spread your legs. Prop the mirror up so that you can see your vagina easily, or keep it in reach.

Step 3: Begin to stimulate yourself

Stimulate yourself in whatever method you please – a toy, your fingers – keeping the mirror close by. It’s not a sprint to the finish line, but more of a marathon.

Step 4: Learn your anatomy of arousal

Whenever you begin to feel very aroused, remove your fingers or toys and take a glance at what’s going on inside.

Learning about your body in this intimate way will bring an awareness to your orgasm that will benefit you in private sessions as well as with a partner.

These techniques and more are included in our workshop, The Beginner’s Guide to Female Ejaculation, which you can purchase below.

Highlights of the workshop include:

  • Additional Techniques for a Squirting Orgasm
  • Tips on Communicating with Your Partner
  • Advice on Learning to “Let Go” to Fully Experience Your Orgasm

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