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What is Virtual Sex?

Sex tech consultant Lux Alptraum on her early experiences doing a cam show in the 90s, the term “cyber sex,” the virtual sex toy market, and whether sex robots are in our future.

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Most Women Do Not Orgasm from Penetration Alone

That’s right, folks. We women are complex creatures.  It takes us longer to get aroused than our male counterparts, and it usually takes a combination of things to put us over the edge (clitoral stimulation being the first thing that comes to mind, but I’ve also known women who can climax just from their nipples… Continue Reading »

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Squirting Chronicles: The Lioness, the Kitty, and the Exotic Bird

Our Heroine: the Erotic, Squirting, Exotic Bird perched on a Tree Branch

This week, we bring you an erotic tale of two kitties (forgive our pun), as told by our good friend, the Lioness. Next week, we’ll share with you a special Q&A which probes a bit deeper into the “how-to” of female ejaculation, from the lioness’ unique perspective. Lioness: A little bedtime story, starring Lioness and… Continue Reading »

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